Asus UL80JT Notebook sports power-saving trickery

by Rafael Hernandez on January 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Notebook manufacturers, well some of them at least, try very hard to eek out every last bit of power saving in their products in order to supply longer battery life and many more kudos compared to the competition, this time one company takes it further.

The Asus UL80JT sports some very aggressive CPU clock throttling and a pair of GPUs, a Nvidia GeForce 310 and an Intel GMA 4500 IGP, to switch between depending on power saving modes and performance needs. arstechnica has the details:

The same principle applies to the dynamic CPU clocking. ASUS includes a desktop widget to track CPU clock speed. While using the UL80JT, I could see it moving up and down with what I did—up with program openings and CPU-intensive processes, and way down at idle. Between the GPU switching, dynamic clocking, and ASUS’s other power management features, the UL80JT manages to consume less than half as much power as the unibody Macbook while browsing.

Do make note that while they may label the Nvidia GeForce 310 in their article as a high-end chip the reality is that it’s a low-end model that’s not likely to perform very well in modern 3D games.

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