Aten CubiQ CS1642 KVMP Switch gets you in that sharing mood

by Rafael Hernandez on March 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Running a number of desktop machines for various tasks can be very beneficial for productivity and convenience but keeping multiple monitors and input devices for each of them is unworkable for all but the lucky massive desk-having few.

The Aten CubiQ CS1642 KVMP is capable of sharing your display and inputs with two computers. Hardware Bistro has the review:

The console panel is for connecting to the shared I/O which includes two DVI connectors for dual display view, USB ports for keyboard & mouse and audio jacks for up to 2.1 audio system. On the right section, the ports are used to connect to the PCs and to enable dual DVI views (dual LCDs), both of the DVI ports of Aten CS1642 KVM have to be connected to both of the DVI ports of the video card. Other ports of Aten CS1642 KVM are firmware upgrade port, power jack and type B USB port for printer.

An interesting option although you’ll want to what ever will you do with all the extra desk space.

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