Atheros Wireless Drivers For Windows

by Rafael Hernandez on April 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Atheros wireless chipsets are a part of a wide range of notebooks, tablets, and other manner of portable devices. The company doesn’t release their own set of drivers for the public to use, instead they point you to your device manufacturer for support. It’s a sensible measure in order to deflect support requests but will probably leave you in a lurch come OS reinstall time.

The Unofficial Atheros Czech Drivers Site hosts Windows XP, Vista, and Linux drivers for the following chipsets:

AR5001A, AR5001X, AR5001X, AR5002G, AR5002X, AR5004G, AR5004X, AR5005G, AR5005GS, AR5005UG, AR5005UX, AR5006EG, AR5006EGS, AR5006EX, AR5006EXS, AR5006G, AR5006GS, AR5006X, AR5006XS, AR5007, AR5007EG, AR5007G, AR5007UG, AR5007UX, AR5008, AR5008X, AR5B91, AR922X, AR9280, AR9281, AR928X

While things may change in the future they have been a reliable source for up-to-date drivers for your Atheros wireless LAN chip. So go ahead and check them out.

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