AZZA Hurrican 2000 lives up to its name

by Rafael Hernandez on October 19, 2010 · 0 comments

Finesse has been the name of the game in many of the high end cases being made today which doesn’t always cut it especially if you load up on a bunch of high end hardware. The AZZA Hurrican 2000 is practically bulging with fans, as can be noted by its side panel, which sports two massive 230mm fans and, as if that wasn’t enough, they somehow piled in two more 230mm fans at the top of the case for further cooling power. If you thought they were through you’re kidding yourself as they added two 120mm fans up front, a 120mm fan at the rear, and another 120mm fan blowing right at the underside of your motherboard. Plainly overkill but you’re set on the airflow front at least.

AZZA Hurrican 2000 Review @ Overclockers Club

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