Bigfoot Killer 2100 Network Card squashes the lag wherever possible

by Rafael Hernandez on May 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Given the fact that Ethernet connections are practically free on desktop motherboards most people can be forgiven for not giving them a second thought but gaming fiends and their over the top rigs may want to consider an upgrade.

The Bigfoot Killer 2100 Network Card touts a new and reworked software setup the company claims will improve your online performance even more. Boot Daily has the review:

Enter in the Killer 2100 – yeah, we’re back to the “Killer” moniker which I believe is a good thing – this card uses the same Network processor as the Xeno but it comes on a re-designed PCB with better hardware components and will offer more upgradability down the road than Xeno will. Additionally, we see that Bigfoot has gone with a newly designed cover over the chip and PCB which also lets the red LED lights shine through it.

It’ll let you pump out 1Gb/s worth of UDP packets, not that you’d ever need to but you can!

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