BIOSTAR TH55XE MicroATX Motherboard goes short and stout

by Rafael Hernandez on May 25, 2010 · 0 comments

Since most motherboards come well equipped with all manner of on-board functionality making the need for a full-sized board is becoming less of an issue as the PC evolves.

The BIOSTAR TH55XE MicroATX Motherboard opts for the smaller form factor but still provides the same great tweaking options of its full-sized counterparts. HardOCP has the review:

BIOSTAR has a real contender in the form of the TH55XE. With this board, I was able to get the base clock to a cool 195MHz, with the CPU running at just under 4.5GHz. This was using a CPU with an integrated graphics core, and with that graphics core enabled nonetheless. The board remained stable for over 24 hours, running the standard suite of stress applications including Prime95 running on all cores/threads and the OpenGL based benchmarking program Furmark running simultaneously.

Very impressive performance from a small form factor and affordable motherboard.

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