Can Apple TV replace your cable box?

by Pedro Hernandez on November 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Apple TVWould you pay $30 a month for iTunes-based television streaming? According to Peter Kafka at All Things Digital, Apple is making the rounds to TV execs to get them on board with a plan to offer their programming via iTunes on a subscription basis.

Kafka says that if any company is willing to make the jump, it’s Disney.  They were the first to offer its downloads of its ABC programming on iTunes (though it was late to the party with Hulu).

If it pans out, it might give the Apple TV (essentially an iTunes media extender) a boost or at further justify the purchase for heavy users of the iTunes ecosystem.

If enough networks sign up, will you be ditching your cable box for  iTunes? Will it make Apple TV worth another look?

Source: All Things Digital

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