Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler certainly takes after its name

by Rafael Hernandez on May 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Most CPU coolers are symmetrical in one way or another allowing the manufacturer to use simple techniques to stamp out fins without too much added cost.

The Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler goes off script a bit with its “arrow-shaped” fins although all the other makings of a high-end cooler are still there. Pro Clockers has the review:

The cooler is comprised of dual towers made of aluminum fins. The surface area of the fins is less compared to some coolers on the market. But the bend at the end of the fin allows better circulation of air. The center gap that is made of all the fins combined eliminate the hub of the fan from being a culprit in cooling. The tiny holes that you see in the top fin there are some on the bottom fins as well are for the wire clips that secures the fans to the cooler. The area between the two tower is wide enough to house a 120/140 x 38mm cooling fan.

If you were to go all-out mounting fans to this cooler you’d certainly hit some impressive performance temperatures.

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