Cooler Master CM690-II Advanced Case reworks a classic

by Rafael Hernandez on January 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Putting together a good computer case design has been difficult for the PC industry. For decades your choices were limited to beige and even more beige until something finally snapped and allowed for the impressive models we have today. In fact they aren’t happy with good enough either.

The Cooler Master CM690-II Advanced Case pulls in a slew of nifty features that’ll be sure to please the water cooling crowd and just about anyone else that picks one up. Benchmark Reviews has a look:

On the outside, the CM690-II is not perceivably larger than the original CM-690. The original CM-690 has sloped and curved planes and edges, which the CM690-II closely maintains the original dimensions. The original CM690 created a (W) 8.38 x (H) 18.98 x (D) 20.67-inch footprint, while the CM690-II measures (W) 8.4 x (H) 20.1 x (D) 20.8-inch. Out of respect for the original design, Cooler Master balanced the new look with the best aspects from the old CM-690 design. Chrome plastic trim accents unify the sleek looks of the front bezel.

The added touches should make this updated model quite popular.

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