Corsair Dominator Series PC3-17000 gets your bits there in a hurry

by Rafael Hernandez on January 19, 2011 · 0 comments

Tweaking memory for maximum performance was a balance between patient testing and a whole lot of dark magic in order to gain a few frames a second, if any, in the latest gaming title. The Corsair Dominator Series PC3-17000 4GB memory kit doesn’t require such trickery in order for you to get an insane performance boost instead it’s capable of a 2133MHz clock rate from the start and with the bulk of overclocking capable motherboards out there that should be a BIOS setting or two away for most people out there which means there’s no more countless hours tinkering and much more free time for actually using your new found memory bandwidth.

Corsair Dominator Series PC3-17000 4GB Kit @ TweakTown

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