Corsair Nova V128 Solid State Drive provides great performance at a good price

by Rafael Hernandez on April 8, 2010 · 0 comments

One of the biggest issues with Solid State Drives today is that their varying performance, size, and pricing leads to quite a bit of confusion. You just can’t rely on one measure to be completely happy.

The Corsair Nova V128 Solid State Drive sports some mighty impressive performance given its decent pricing. Benchmark Reviews has the whole story:

The Corsair Nova V128 is a high-performance SATA-3.0 GBps Solid State Drive that builds on the powerful Indilinx-ECO SSD processor. The Nova V128 SSD proved to meet or exceed its specifications, and 270/203 MBps read and write speeds are enough push the envelope of second-generation SATA performance.

Now you can rely on Corsair for more than just your memory, case, and power supply needs.

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