CyberPower LAN Party EVO does all of the hand-cramping work for you

by Rafael Hernandez on October 15, 2010 · 0 comments

The miniature power house of a PC build sure is tempting but when it comes to actually fitting full sized graphics cards and heatsinks into those small cases gets tricky especially when it comes time to route all of those wires. CyberPower has announced their new LAN Party EVO series of mini PCs which gives you the choice of micro ATX or mini ITX systems powered by a combination of hardware powered by Intel or AMD processors and ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards. Perhaps the most interesting combination of power is their LAN Party EVO Commander model which touts Intel Core i7 processor capability and, somehow, manages to offer Radeon HD 5970 CrossFireX support which is difficult to pull off even in full-sized cases.

LAN Party Evolution @ CyberPower

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