Danamics LMX and LMX Superleggera Liquid Metal CPU Cooler goes exotic

by Rafael Hernandez on April 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Liquid metal cooling may seem like something out of science fiction but there have been several companies attempting to harness its possible performance potential. It seems that the day is upon us.

The Danamics LMX and LMX Superleggera Liquid Metal CPU Coolers are quite massive and somehow harness the liquid metal properties for some very impressive results. ITShootOut has the review:

When voltage is applied to the pump’s electrodes the electrons within the liquid metal alloy start moving. When electrons move in the presence of a magnetic field it creates a force that acts in a direction perpendicular to field, propelling the liquid around the heat pipe circuit. Two important advantages the LMX holds over water cooling are that the cooler is still reasonably effective should the pump fail, and secondly there are no moving parts to wear out.

Going by its performance numbers it’s an exciting piece of hardware for those that push their processors and we hope to see more advanced designs using this technology.

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