Das Professional S Keyboard brings the letters back

by Rafael Hernandez on May 28, 2010 · 0 comments

Das Model S Professional KeyboardKeyboard snobs will argue the merits of a particular design until they’re red in the face and with good reason, there’s nothing worse than spending a workday without the appropriate audio cues as to when your keystroke is acknowledged.

The Das Professional S Keyboard follows in the fine tradition of the company’s mechanically keyed…keyboards but this time introduces an innovative feature: letters on the keys. LANOC has the details:

Obviously from my opening statement you can tell that this isn’t the quietest keyboard on the market. Metadot has turned that into a marketing point, they even sell ear plugs for your coworkers. If you are a fan of the old IBM Model M this is the keyboard for you. This model uses Cherry MX blue mechanical key switches to give you that nice clicky sound and amazingly smooth motion, similar in feel to the buckling spring type of the Model M. It’s not unheard of to find people who are still using their original Model M keyboards, the reason for this is because mechanical key switches are much more reliable than the membrane design used in almost every other keyboard on the market anymore.

If you like your hardware to be heavy duty you’ll no doubt enjoy this keyboard.

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