Dell Adamo XPS Notebook is sleek and stylish

by Rafael Hernandez on May 5, 2010 · 0 comments

There are those notebook designs that just make sense and tend to trickle down to other offerings from both within the company that made it and the competition. I don’t think this one will though.

The Dell Adamo XPS exudes awesomeness with its slim profile, light weight, and killer looks which should make it a mobile worker quite happy. HardwareHeaven has the review:

Externally the Adamo XPS is a lovely machine to look at; the majority of the chassis is made of a single sheet of aluminium. The only details on the top are some discrete logos and a section which identifies the latch to open. This latch is one of the more unique aspects of the system; it has no button or switch to open. We simply slide our finger across the capacitive area and the lower section of the machine is released. Flipping the system over we can see the 6-Cell 20w/hour battery along the top of the system and a second metal cover which spans the entire base of the system. Once again there is a discrete logo here but other than four rubber feet, the speaker grills and a few air vents the system is plain.

It’s not exactly a gaming powerhouse but not everyone is a gamer….heathens.

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