Dell Inspiron M101z crams in even more power

by Rafael Hernandez on August 15, 2010 · 0 comments

AMD finally decided to show up to the netbook party and is making quite the splash with its combination of low-power processors and chipsets with integrated graphics that, obviously, outperform the competition. The Dell Inspiron M101z “net-notebook” makes good use of the dual-core Athlon II Neo K325 processor and ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics all tied to a spiffy 11″ screen that boasts an appropriate pixel density. Of course you power users out there will be happy to know that the machine comes prepped with 4GB of speedy DDR3 memory which is more than enough for a bulk of the tasks you’d want to run on such a machine. Overall there’s plenty of horsepower in this design for a wide array of casual games and online RPGing as well as media playback thanks to its graphics prowess.

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