Dell M6500 Workstation Notebook compacts the goods

by Rafael Hernandez on March 9, 2010 · 0 comments

The workstation notebook is an interesting computing platform as it attempts to recreate the desktop in a mobile form which leads to some very impressive performance results compared to your run of the mill notebook.

AnandTech has a look at the Dell M6500 workstation notebook and its ability to handle all manner of high-end design applications:

Part of what we like about the M6500 is the flat design; there’s no sloping keyboard or chassis here. Many notebooks with a high-end CPU and GPU will have a thicker back to accommodate larger cooling configurations. Dell has put some real effort into keeping the chassis as slim as possible. Make no mistake, it’s still a 17″ chassis, but compared to many other such notebooks the M6500 looks and feels a bit smaller. It also fits into my “standard” 17″ notebook bag quite easily, which isn’t always the case. The slim slot-load drive also helps with the chassis design.

A slick design that should make your co-workers quite envious.

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