Diablotek Legend PC Case works its magic on a budget

by Rafael Hernandez on September 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Diablotek’s Legend PC case, and others like it, can make one question the need for extremely expensive cases. This particular design is wonderfully painted a subtle shade of black, inside and out, which is a step many budget case options don’t exactly go for. They have managed to sneak in tool less mounting options for hard drives and the external drive bays which will come in handy during those lengthy builds you just want to be over with. Unfortunately you’ll have to supply your very own cooling fans since they’ve kept the frills to a minimum but there are mounting points for a total of five 120mm fans, 1 up front with 2 on its side panel deluging your motherboard with many CFMs of air while the single rear and bottom fans toil away in no man’s land. If you’re looking to keep your next system in the reasonably priced range this is one way to go.

Diablotek Legend Mid Tower Case Review @ Think Computers

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