Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB TV Tuner gets you your high def visuals

by Rafael Hernandez on March 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Viewing TV on your computer used to take a decent chunk of cash for a graphics card featuring a built-in TV tuner or an add-on card that would put you back almost as much, now a simple USB stick does it all for you.

The Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB TV Tuner grabs HDTV and analog broadcasts which means you can watch the local programming and procrastinate even while on the road. Overclockers Club has the review:

This product is a small, portable, multimedia device that will let you watch live, over-the-air TV and analog cable from your desktop or laptop. It also has the ability to sync up with an external source, such as a camcorder or gaming system, which can help integrate your media into one place, as opposed to having it run across multiple sources. The TV Wonder 750 comes ready for use right out of the box and includes everything you will need to get it setup for TV at home or on the go.

A slick little adapter with some impressive looking image quality.

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