Diamond Multimedia Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card keeps the game going

by Rafael Hernandez on May 19, 2010 · 0 comments

The mid-range options graphics card options of the past were something of a let down when it came to performance but this generation’s batch of cards is offering some very impressive numbers at a reasonable price tag.

Diamond Multimedia’s Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card features all of the same great DirectX 11 love its bigger brothers get all within some reasonable power requirements. LANOC has the review:

As you can see both of our tests give us similar results. The 5770 falls in with the NVidia 260 and ATI’s older 4870’s. This is impressive given the 213 watts used while gaming (this was tested using a Kill-A-Watt and is for the total rig), still under the 300 watt limit on the Shuttles power supply.

Keeping up with last generation’s top end is quite impressive.

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