Eagle Arion ET-AR506-BK Speakers does its best Tron impression

by Rafael Hernandez on June 15, 2010 · 0 comments

People upgrade their speakers about as often as they upgrade their keyboards…almost never. There’s something that’s reassuring about seeing the same old speakers year after year despite their cruddy controls and less than stellar audio reproduction capabilities.

Eagle Arion ET-AR506-BK Speakers sport a snazzy design and some meaty specs for an inexpensive set. The satellites sport a pair of 3″ mid-range drivers as well as a 1″ tweeter for those highs while the sub-woofer does its thing with a, slightly undersized, pair of 5″ drivers all wrapped up nicely in solid wood enclosures. Sounds good to me.

Eagle Arion ET-AR506-BK Speakers @ UMLan

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