efo ECO Button reminds you that you’re wasteful

by Rafael Hernandez on September 21, 2010 · 2 comments


It would appear that even the best of us has a few things slip by every once in a while. The below detailed “efo ECO Button” seems to be an unlicensed ripoff of the original ECO BUTTON design. The story as posted will remain below but you may want to check out the original design first.

ECO BUTTON @ ecobutton

Leaving your system running at all hours of the day uses quite a bit of energy which, of course, runs up your power bill but to those that want to be more ecologically responsible the creation of CO2 and other by-products from creating that energy is of greater concern. The efo ECO Button is a big, green glowing, button that kindly reminds you to force your system into a power saving state all from the comfort of your desk…no more reaching over for a power button for you! Of course it also comes with software that will show you cost savings and how much CO2 production you’ve reduced by using the button from day to day so you get that extra special warm fuzzy feeling from that nagging reminder on your desk top.

efo Power Saving ECO Button Review @ HardwareBistro

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