Energy Saving Server CPUs tested, may be full of hype

by Rafael Hernandez on July 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Server processors tend to go for all out performance, which you do want, but that need for speed leads to nasty things like heat output and energy consumption that you have to manage one way or another. Of course processor manufacturers will gladly sell you some finely tuned CPUs that claim to pull less energy at the cost of some clock speed.

Intel’s Xeon L5640 promises to do its duty while sipping less watts from the wall of course that won’t matter much to you when all you’re planning is for a few servers but stretched out over hundreds or thousands of machines it’s going to add up to quite a bit of thermal and energy savings which just might make the difference in your pre-existing server rooms. That is if all of the fancy energy tweaks actually work.

Low Power Server CPUs: the energy saving choice? @ AnandTech

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