EVGA GeForce GT 220 SSC DDR3 the low-end tweaker’s approach

by Rafael Hernandez on November 13, 2009 · 0 comments

EVGA GeForce GT 220 SSC DDR3Normally when you go for the low-end of the market you know what you’re in for. You’re looking for some cost savings or power savings by going with chips that aren’t as powerful as the more expensive options but still offer plenty of power for the mundane usage scenarios. There’s still room for tweaking though.

Legit Reviews is all over the EVGA GeForce GT 220 SSC DDR3 video card which chooses to go with DDR3 over the slower DDR2 and pushes clock rates a bit higher as well:

Today, we will be looking at the EVGA GeForce GT 220 SSC DDR3 edition graphics card. This card has a factory overclocked core and shader clock speeds, which should help boost performance over the standard clock speeds of 625MHz and 1360MHz.  The EVGA GeForce GT 220 SSC DDR3 has a core clock speed of 671MHz and a shader clock of 1458MHz. This is just over a 7% clock frequency boost on the GPU, so that should help out performance on the card’s 48 stream processors.

Overall its performance is still underwhelming in games but you don’t need much performance in your office or home theater PCs now do you.

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