EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard includes all of the overclocking finesse you could ever want

by Rafael Hernandez on February 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Most motherboards include a decent amount of overclocking capabilities but in order to truly push your hardware you have to invest in designs that can take the extra added voltage punishment overclockers push on to their processors.

The EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard will happily take your LGA1156 processor and push it to exciting new heights. PC Perspective has a look:

In the end, we were able to bump the base clock to 206MHz and the DRAM frequencies to 1648MHz, which helped us get to a stable 4.12GHz on our i7-860 processor. This equated to a 67.96 percent increase in performance over this CPU’s stock settings.

Of course your mileage may vary but they sure did get some good results.

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