Foxconn Inferno Katana P55 Motherboard sure is sharp and hot

by Rafael Hernandez on February 8, 2010 · 0 comments

When computer manufacturers start to branch out from their bread and butter you see a bit of product rebranding and half-hearted product designs before they unceremoniously leave the market altogether. Foxconn seems to have some staying power.

While the company is better known for many of their OEM works (or not at all) their retail products, such as the Inferno Katana P55 motherboard, show some nice feature sets. NinjaLane has the review:

As with most all Quantum Force products the overclocking experience was extremely enjoyable and rather intuitive.  While our overlock was limited to a maximum 4Ghz we do feel there is more this system can offer given some time and turning.  One thing to notice is that at 4Ghz and a matching 2000Mhz memory clock the overall bandwidth is just 6GB/s shy of the Core i7 on the X58.  Not too bad for a low end Core i5.

Impressive tweaking potential from the looks of things.

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