G.Skill Falcon II 128GB SSD is as fast as you’d imagine

by Rafael Hernandez on January 19, 2010 · 0 comments

It’s readily apparent that Solid State Drives outperform the age-old spindle-based solutions by insanely wide margins and, as time goes on, the performance gap is only going to get larger while they come down in price.

The G.Skill Falcon II 128GB SSD offer blazing performance and can even outrun some of its SSD based competition. TechSpot has the review:

The G.Skill Falcon II 128GB is about 15% cheaper than the Crucial M225 at the same capacity level, and 10% cheaper than the OCZ Agility 120GB. It is also 42% cheaper than the Intel X25-M G2 160GB and 22% more expensive than the 80GB version, though on a per-gigabyte basis the G.Skill Falcon II comes out as the more affordable option. In fact, as it stands now the Falcon II seems to be the cheapest way to get your hands on an Indilinx-based SSD.

Speedy and economical, is there a better combination of traits?

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