Gelid Rev. 2 ICY Vision expands its repertoire

by Rafael Hernandez on September 30, 2010 · 0 comments

Graphics card coolers tend to have a difficult time when GPUs come out since their PCB designs can vary wildly making the best of designs a bit useless on new models. The Gelid Rev. 2 ICY Vision is now capable of cooling off Nvidia’s GTS 450 and GTX 460 graphics cards as well as almost every single reference design model ranging from Nvidia’s GeForce 9800GT all the way to the GTX 480 and ATI’s Radeon HD 4850 on up to the 5870. That’s some extensive product support but given the cooler’s massive heat removal prowess with its 5 heatpipes and dual 92mm fans makes easy work out of even the most temperature unfriendly graphics cards out there.

Rev. 2 ICY VISION @ Gelid

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