GIGABYTE brings overclocking to the “Cloud”

by Rafael Hernandez on July 12, 2010 · 1 comment

I don’t exactly understand why you’d want to perform such a function over the Web but…there it is. GIGABYTE has announced two new applications for owners of their motherboards. First up is the GIGABYTE Hotkey OC application, which is a part of their EasyTune 6 utility, that allows you to set up overclocking profiles for specific key combinations so that you can easily throttle down to something more manageable for those times you might actually want to sleep without your massive collection of fans running at 100%.

The more interesting application, GIGABYTE Cloud OC, works on your GIGABYTE X58, P55, and H55 based board, and allows you to tweak your system over your network or via the Internet letting you tweak to your heart’s content without being anywhere near your PC. Just hope you don’t choose the wrong settings.


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