Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle announced, unboxed

by Pedro Hernandez on July 23, 2010 · 0 comments

You knew they had to do something special for the release of a new Halo game, didn’t you?

Announced at Comic Con in San Diego, the $399 USD Halo Reach limited edition bundle features a 250GB Xbox 360 S, but in sliver instead of glossy black, and decorated with iconography from the Halo universe. The bundle also offers a pair of matching controllers and an assortment of goodies including a “token for the Limited Edition Elite armor set,” the Limited Edition Halo Reach version of the game, which includes a journal belonging to Dr. Halsey, the woman behind the SPARTAN-II project and Cortana’s AI.

You can watch Bungie staffers unbox the bundle’s “space crate” in this video. While it officially goes on sale September 14, you can preorder the Halo Reach limited edition bundle today.

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