HP brings us the ARM powered server era

by Rafael Hernandez on November 1, 2011 · 0 comments

HP is ushering in the ARM server age with their Project Moonshot initiative that will see the company deliver densely packed servers with thousands of ARM processors that can take over some of the functions that the much more power hungry and bulkier x86 chips are currently being used for.

File transfers and data management are some of the least processor hungry tasks out there but server processors require a whole lot of energy to accomplish the same tasks while taking up much more physical space due to cooling needs and support chips to keep them happy which all adds up to quite a bit of a heat and electrical load when all you want to do is sling data around.

HP’s hopes their new server platform will use 89% less energy, take up 94% less space, and, with its decreased complexity, cost 63% less to run compared to the old ways of hosting your data.

HP Project Moonshot @ HP

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