HP Mini 311 wrangles in Nvidia ION graphics

by Rafael Hernandez on November 23, 2009 · 0 comments

HP Mini 311Netbooks are all about the portability and battery life which is all good and dandy until it comes time to run some of your multimedia files then the integrated graphics Intel coughed up for their ultra-mobile platform starts to show its weakness.

The HP Mini 311 uses Nvidia’s ION chipset which features a decent integrated graphics chip that’s more than capable of handling multimedia files and the light-weight 3D gaming. AnandTech has the review:

A single-core Atom N270 is generally able to handle 720p x264 decoding (using CoreAVC), but CPU utilization is well above 50%. With more demanding video files (1080p for example), Atom will need help. If it were just x264 videos, the case for ION netbooks might only be moderately interesting, but with the recent release of the Flash 10.1 Beta we finally have GPU accelerated video playback for Flash videos. If you’re a frequent YouTube or Hulu user, the case for ION just became a lot more compelling.

Given the fact that these netbooks are more often used for entertainment than productivity the ION chipset makes quite a bit of sense.

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