HP Mini 311 wraps itself around Nvidia’s ION

by Rafael Hernandez on December 14, 2009 · 0 comments

HP Mini 311As is quite apparent by now Nvidia’s ION chipset provides a “good enough” dose of graphics performance to give Intel’s Atom processor some legs with multimedia playback.

The HP Mini 311 makes good use of the chipset and combines it all into a slick looking package. HotHardware has a look at what it can do:

Now, there are two major reasons to pay close attention to the Mini 311. It may follow the prior Minis in terms of size and style, but it’s the differences within that promise to make this a new, refreshed machine. For starters, HP has loaded Windows 7 onto this machine. We waited for what felt like forever to finally have Windows 7 available for netbooks, and we can confess that it really adds a touch of style and functionality compared to older models with XP.

If you’re going to stick with the small form factor may as well go for the slickest looking one.

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