Icy Box IB-318STU3-B USB3 HDD Enclosure enables speedy external storage

by Rafael Hernandez on April 14, 2010 · 0 comments

There are certain PC connections that are long past due to head to greener pastures, specifically those that can’t transfer data quickly enough to our multi-TeraByte external drives.

Luckily the Icy Box IB-318STU3-B USB3 HDD Enclosure has rolled around which allows for much quicker transfer speeds, so long as your motherboard (or addon card) supports it. Testseek Labs has the review:

The results are indeed very good. We see a big difference between SATA3 and SATA2. In read and write speeds we are talking almost a doubled performance. USB3 has no troubles handling the higher numbers for SATA3. Clearly the bottleneck is now the disks we use. The question is: when will disks reach the limit of what the SATA3 and USB3 interfaces can handle? I doubt we will ever get there with mechanic disks, I think we will have to rely on SSDs to take things to the next level.

Indeed, of course the day we see SSD as external storage we’ll (hopefully) be driving our hovercars too.

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