In Win Dragon Slayer PC Case overloads your mATX rig with airflow

by Rafael Hernandez on May 8, 2010 · 0 comments

The smaller a PC case gets the fewer places there are to mount fans for cooling and with some powerful processors, chipsets, and graphics cards requiring as much cooling as they can get things will go south quickly.

The In Win Dragon Slayer PC Case sports a 140mm fan up front and allows for mounting four 120mm fans on the side panel which should be more than enough for any machine. Hardware Secrets has the review:

The bottom two 5 ¼” bays come with the hard disk drive cage installed, so in order to use them as 5 ¼” bays you have to put the hard disk drive cage aside (we will talk later about all options for installing disk drives). This cage comes with a 80-mm fan installed to cool down the hard disk drives, and the case has also a big 140-mm installed on its front panel.

There shouldn’t be any dead air spaces in this case.

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