In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case brings up memories of warships of old

by Rafael Hernandez on May 14, 2010 · 0 comments

While a healthy obsession with airflow is a good thing it’s not the only consideration when choosing the best PC case for your needs. You’ll want to balance that with plenty of room for all of your components.

The In Win Ironclad Full Tower Case gives you plenty of air movement and enough space for those extra long graphics cards. ThinkComputers has the review:

Today we have the opportunity to check out In Win’s newly released chassis, the In Win Ironclad Full Tower case; an upgrade  to the In Win Maelstrom. It provides all of the necessary features you could ever want in a case along with all of the tool-free devices to make installation all that much easier.  This case fits the best of both worlds: cooling and quiet. With support of up to a total of 10, 120mm fans, this case should fit most everyone’s cooling needs. Both side panels are lined with sound insulating foam to help keep those fans quiet.

That should be more than enough cooling power, at least for today’s hardware.

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