Intel Core i7 930 CPU is a new replacement for the old entry level

by Rafael Hernandez on March 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Intel’s LGA1156 lineup is good, a little too good in fact, easily encroaching on their high-end LGA1366 lineup of processors especially at the low end. So in order to keep the halo on their top tier they’ve got to bump the entry chip up a notch.

The Intel Core i7 930 replaces the company’s 920 chip as its lowest priced CPU for the X58 platform and improves on the amount of performance you get for the cost of entry. has a look:

Clocking up to 4GHz with minor voltage adjustments and a few tweaks in the BIOS, the Core i7 930 becomes a superlative-inducing CPU and easily faster than any stock-clocked desktop processor shipping today. But the same can be said for current D0-stepping ‘920s, as well, so we’d only recommend the newer model if contemplating a platform upgrade as a whole.

A nice option for first time buyers but for those with existing systems it’s not much of an improvement over the old.

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