Intel Core i7 Reviews Hit The Web

by Rafael Hernandez on November 3, 2008 · 0 comments


Intel’s latest and greatest processor is now upon us. The Core i7 series has been a long time in the making and sports top-notch performance as a result of the company’s all-out performance seeking. Have a look at some of the reviews hitting the web:

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Intel’s Core i7 920, 945 & 965 Processorsbit-tech
Intel Core i7 & Asus Rampage 2 ExtremeDriverHeaven
Intel Core i7 920 and 965 ReviewGuru3D
Core i7 Multi-GPU SLI Crossfire Game Performance ReviewGuru3D
Intel Core i7 Application Results, Intel Core i7 and Gaming, and Intel Core i7 Synthetic BenchmarksHardOCP
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Intel Core i7 920 & 965 EE CPUs – Introducing Nehalamt-break
Intel’s Core i7 Processors: Nehalem Arrives With A SplashThe Tech Report
Intel Core i7 – Nehalem Arrives and FSB DepartsTweakTown

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