Intel CULV Notebooks Rounded Up for your mobile pleasure

by Rafael Hernandez on February 9, 2010 · 0 comments

Netbooks have done a whole heck of a lot to improve on the mobile battery life which, in turn, leads to a little less worrying about your power indicator and a bit more web surfing. Of course sometimes you need to do more than just surf the web.

HardwareZone has a look at 7 different Intel CULV based notebook PCs each with its pros and cons:

Trivia aside, the CULV processor platform is aimed at the niche between the netbooks and normal notebooks. It offers more mobility via low voltage processors thus increasing battery uptime, but retains much of the performance and form factor of standard notebooks, albeit in a much slimmer and lighter design.

Quite the array of designs in this batch and plenty of reading for you to catch up on.

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