Intel H55 Chipset Motherboards Rounded Up and pushed to their limits

by Rafael Hernandez on April 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Intel’s H55 chipset is designed to compliment their GPU enabled Core i3 series of processors and is a lower priced solution to base a motherboard around which is a nice bonus if you’re thinking of going with a smaller board.

The Tech Report has taken a look at three H55 powered MicroATX motherboards and a MiniITX version taking particular interest in their ability to cope with a bit of enthusiast level tweaking:

Of the four boards, only the Asus and Gigabyte models offer USB 3.0 and FireWire support. They’re also the only two to employ separate networking controllers; the Intel and Zotac boards use the Gigabit Ethernet controller built into the H55 chip. Realtek predictably sweeps the audio codec category, although none of the implementations supports real-time Dolby Digital Live or DTS encoding. That particular capability is an optional component of Realtek’s ALC889A codec, which isn’t represented in this group.

A nice selection and considering how many features they’re touting it doesn’t look like you’ll be hurt on the functionality front if you were to shrink down to one of these boards.

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