Intel preps to integrate RAID for your storage needs

by Rafael Hernandez on October 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Storage performance doesn’t affect the home user nearly as much as it does the server crowd but somewhere on down the line this is bound to make it into desktop machines. Intel is working to integrate hardware RAID functionality into their Patsburg chipset, presumably their next high end desktop/server chipset, and Serial Attached SCSI support on-board which is obviously of interest to the server crowd as it removes the need for an add-on RAID controller.

Of course it may be all well and good for the small scale servers but for those with serious performance requirements the high-end hardware RAID cards have offered quite a number of advanced features for years and quite a few memory slots that allow a large amount of RAM to be used for caching data to which is very beneficial when you’re reading and writing tons of information to a large number of drives. Still it’s nice to see yet another function integrated as Ethernet, Audio, and Video has seen steady improvement since they were moved to on-board solutions.

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