Intel Wireless Display Technology beams moving pictures without cables

by Rafael Hernandez on May 12, 2010 · 0 comments

It’s difficult to imagine a world without wireless networking…well ok it isn’t as some Ethernet cable manufacturers were probably banking on a wired future but extending the technology to displays will make things interesting indeed.

Legit Reviews has a look at the Intel Wireless Display technology embedded in the Toshiba Satellite E205 notebook coupled with a Netgear Push2TV adapter:

I was surprised to see just how well our setup worked when playing MKV and other high-definition video files. I picked out a few 1080p files to play via Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. Both were able to play MKV, Blu-ray ISO, DVD ISO, M2TS, TS, VOB, AVI, MOV files flawlessly. Of course this makes perfect sense since these files play on the computer with no problem and they are simply transmitted by the Intel Wireless Display setup and broadcast on your television.

It looks easy enough to configure which should make for some interesting PC placement and presentation possibilities.

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