Intel X58 Roundup, Finding Your Core i7 A Home

by Rafael Hernandez on December 6, 2008 · 0 comments

As with any new CPU Intel’s Core i7 chip needs a potent chipset in order to connect all manner of high speed devices and have them work harmoniously. The company’s X58 northbridge and ICH10R southbridge are aiming to do just that and AnandTech just so happens to have a roundup of four motherboards sporting them. Let’s have a look:

All of our motherboards performed admirably today, some better than others, but in the end any motherboard sporting an X58 will perform the same when it comes to standard performance attributes. Which board is better really comes down to your needs, budget, and for some, product brand loyalty. We are willing to recommend any of our boards at this point in time.

The BIOS releases we utilized are stable now, offer excellent performance, and have addressed the majority of our usability problems. That said, each manufacturer still has tuning work left to accomplish for improved memory and overclocking performance. We might even see some minor improvements in power consumption shortly although our numbers reflect an almost best case scenario right now.

You’re bound to run into issues with any early motherboard but they’re shaping up quite nicely.

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