Intel Xeon W5580, Nehalem Goes Upmarket

by Rafael Hernandez on March 31, 2009 · 0 comments

Intel’s Nehalem architecture, commonly found in the company’s Core i7 desktop chips, has been tearing up benchmarks for a few months now completely outclassing the competition, and its own previous generation, by a wide margin.

The company has been working to bring the chip architecture to the workstation and server crowd which they’ve finally succeeded in with the release of their Xeon W5580 processor and the accompanying Intel 5520 MCH northbridge. The Tech Report has a look at what a pair of the chips can do:

The Nehalem Xeons’ truly astounding leap in performance over prior
generations, in a range of applications, speaks for itself. The largest
gains came in our scientific computing/HPC tests, where the Xeon W5580
proved to be between 50% and 100% faster than the Harpertown Xeon
X5492. We saw a massive performance increase in SPECjbb 2005, as well,
along with more modest but still substantial improvements everywhere

It’s fair to say that you’ll be wanting a pair of these chips in your next workstation, and if they happen to place them into a server you’ll want to move that machine over to your desk and substitute your old computer in its place.

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