Intel Z77 Express chipset makes its rounds before the Ivy Bridge deluge

by Rafael Hernandez on April 9, 2012 · 0 comments

In preparation for their upcoming Ivy Bridge line of processors Intel has released their Z77 Express system chipset to provide a shiny new platform for their next CPU, fortunately for all of us the new chipset also supports the previous generation of LGA 1155 CPUs so there’s plenty of testing going on. The Z77 provides native USB 3.0 support which is a nice bonus as well as PCI Express 3.0 lanes to the processor so your next generation video card will make full use of all the bandwidth Ivy Bridge will be supplying. It’s not a major upgrade but it does set things up nicely once they do decide to launch.

Z77 Motherboard Round-Up: MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, Intel @ Hot Hardware

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