Intel’s P67 Express improves on the little things…like performance

by Rafael Hernandez on January 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Modern day system chipsets aren’t considered much of a bottleneck now a days since most of the important functions, such as the memory controller, are a part of the processor now but it seems as though there has been quite a bit of performance left on the table by AMD and Intel’s older offerings. Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors required a new system chipset to handle all manner of peripherals that aren’t directly supported by the CPU, which is quite a few, so the company worked their magic and came up with the P67 Express which seems to improve on PCI Express performance by quite a bit by adopting the full PCIe 2.0 spec. If your Solid State Disk RAID configurations or graphics card aren’t getting the bandwidth treatment you think they deserve then you may want to consider an upgrade.

A quick look at chipset PCI Express performance @ The Tech Report

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