Intel's Roadmap, Shrinking Chips Abound

by Rafael Hernandez on February 11, 2009 · 0 comments

The steady, onward, progression of chip improvements allow a company to put out handy roadmaps for all of the technically minded people out there to follow along and drool at the possibilities. AnandTech has gathered up a number of Intel roadmaps and information they’ve gathered in order to break down what the company has planned over the next few years. Here’s a peek:

At the very high end, Core i7 users have
little reason to worry. While Intel is expected to bump i7 up to
3.33GHz in the near future, nothing below i7 looks threatening in 2009.
Moving into 2010, the 6-core 32nm i7 successor should be extremely
powerful. Intel’s strategy with LGA-1366 makes a lot of sense: if you
want more cores, this is the platform you’re going to have to be on.

although I said that nothing will threaten Core i7 this year, you may
be able to get i7-like performance out of Lynnfield in the second half.
A quad-core Lynnfield running near 3GHz, should offer much of the
performance of an i7 with a lower platform cost. Remember back to our
original i7 review; we didn’t find a big performance benefit from three
channels of DDR3 versus two.

There’s some interesting work being done to the Core i7 line which should make it an even more insanely powerful platform.

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