iPhone 4 antenna, iOS 4 Wi-Fi problems mount

by Pedro Hernandez on July 13, 2010 · 1 comment

Not that they’re preventing Apple’s latest iPhone 4 from flying off the shelves, but the problems keep piling on.

Yesterday, the Internets were abuzz with news that Consumer Reports — the vanguard of consumer rights and protections — could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to its antenna issue. As I pointed out in my iPhone 4 review, gripping the wrong portion of the smartphone’s innovative antenna, which doubles as a structural element, will cause your 3G signal to degrade. Consumer Reports thinks this is a problem and so it’s withholding its seal of approval. Meanwhile, Apple appears none-too-pleased and is deleting posts on the topic on its forums.

iPhone 4 owners aren’t the only ones experiencing problems. Some owners of the iPhone 3GS model that upgraded to iOS 4 are experiencing problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. More to the point, they simply can’t connect. Making matters worse, reverting to the previous phone software doesn’t alleviate the problem. This is a huge issue for people with spotty 3G coverage or slow speeds. To be fair, several people have upgraded without issue, so be sure to consider that if you’re weighing the decision to upgrade yours.

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