Jetway NF96FL-510-LF IPC Atom Motherboard for your miniature needs

by Rafael Hernandez on May 18, 2010 · 1 comment

Intel’s Atom platform has created some nifty computing possibilities especially with manufacturers shrinking motherboards to fit into even smaller enclosures freeing your desktop from all of that clutter.

The Jetway NF96FL-510-LF IPC mini-ITX Motherboard features an Intel Atom D510 dual core CPU which should make for a peppy little system. ProClockers has the review:

Offset from center mass, the CPU cooler sits on top of the Atom D510 dual core processor. Atom processors don’t get incredibly hot. Consequently, the absence of active cooling isn’t going to be an issue. However, I would suggest getting a case with adequate cooling to give yourself peace of mind.  Surrounding it are two DDR 2 ram slots with full support for single channel DDR2 800, two SATA2 ports, 4 pin molex power connector, Integrated LVDS, system fan and CPU fan connectors. The DDR2 slots can handle up to 4GB and the SATA2 ports stream 3/Gbs.  The LVDS allows you to hook up compatible displays directly to the motherboard. This is a very nice touch.

Interesting possibilities with this model especially if you’re a modding type.

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