Kingston SSDNow V+ 128GB SSD kicks it into high gear

by Rafael Hernandez on May 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Solid State Drives come in plenty of storage size and flash controller flavors which makes things maddeningly difficult when it’s time to choose a solution without some solid speed numbers to back up your decision.

The Kingston SSDNow V+ 128GB Solid State Drive manages some very impressive performance levels despite its rather bland outer casing. t-break has the review:

Today, we take a look at the Kingston SSDNow V+ Series drive with a 128GB capacity. Packaged in a nice little box, Kingston makes sure that you are provided all the tools you would need to get you up and running. Starting off, since this is a 2.5” drive, you are provided with brackets to install it in your 3.5” desktop bay if you need too. Also included is a USB enclosure along with a full version of Acronis drive imaging application that can basically mirror your existing drive to the SSD so you don’t have to worry about losing any applications or data to upgrade.

It’s hard to be disappointed in a product when it’s almost maxing out your storage interface.

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